Submission Guidelines

The ICoDSE 2017 committee invites authors to submit papers to be peer-reviewed and presented in the conference. The deadline for full paper submission is September 18, 2017.

Formatting Instructions

Submission Instructions

  • All submissions will be handled electronically via the EDAS Conference and Journal Management System. Authors are therefore required to have EDAS accounts by registering through
  • Submit papers by logging in to the EDAS system, clicking the Submit paper menu, and choosing ICoDSE2017. Alternatively, authors can go directly to
  • Add authors by entering their names, EDAS IDs, or email addresses. Make sure to use co-author’s email addresses that correspond exactly to their EDAS accounts (assuming they have created accounts). This will ensure that co-authors can see the submission when they log in. Upload papers by first making sure to check the relevant and required check boxes.
  • To upload the paper, the authors need to certify that they have permission to release their paper for publication. To initiate the process, click on the pencil icon next to “Public release approval” on the paper page. After that, the authors can start to upload the paper.

Further Policies

All authors must agree to the policies stipulated below.

Author’s responsibilities

The submitted paper must be original, does not contain any plagiarism, and has not been submitted to any other conferences or journals. The ICoDSE 2017 Committee retains the right to exclude any papers in violation of these requirements.

Dual/double submissions

By submitting a paper to ICoDSE 2017, the authors guarantee that it has not been previously published or accepted for publication (in any peer-reviewed venue including journal, conference, workshop, or archival forums) in substantially similar form. Furthermore, no paper which contains significant overlap with the submitted paper is either under review at the moment of submission or will be submitted during the ICoDSE 2017 review period to another conference, a workshop, or a journal. The ICoDSE 2017 Committee retains the right to exclude any papers in violation of these requirements.

Conflict responsibilities

It is the primary author’s responsibility to ensure that all authors of the paper have provided their affiliations in the EDAS system. For each author, please enter ONLY ONE institution, except when the author was in more than one institution in the last 12 months. This information will be used to resolve paper assignments to both reviewers and area chairs. If an author is found to have an undeclared or incorrect affiliation, his/her paper may be summarily rejected.

Double-blind review

ICoDSE 2017 adopts the double-blind review process. Authors in this case do not know the names of the area chair/reviewers of their papers and area chairs/reviewers do not know the names of the authors. Avoid providing information (e.g. in the forms of citations, acknowledgments, links to websites) in the paper that may identify the authors. Violation of any of these guidelines may lead to rejection without review.

Attendance responsibilities

The authors agree that if the paper is accepted, at least one of the authors will register for the conference and present the paper there.